Just what you would expect to find in a good spa- wonderful to go to! As soon as you walk in you feel the peace. A massage is a beautiful gift to receive, and so much more is offered to you here. I love the new sitting area!
— Lisa J.
A bit skeptical at first I now see the benefits hypnosis can have in my life. I have learned to manage my stress levels and ... control impulses to make poor choices when it comes to food. My mind seems less foggy and it’s easier to deal with all [that] my day throws my way
The staff are very friendly. A very welcoming environment. Would highly recommend to everyone.
I’ve been visiting the CWC since before they moved to their very nice, new location. Holly does a great job running the center - only second to her skills as a massage therapist.
My massages by Holly leave me feeling great. She is a good conversationalist, but only if you’re in the mood for talking. There are days when you just want to shut down your brain, and she understands that.
I highly recommend a visit to the CWC, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy and return for as a happy customer.”
First I’d like to say, I have a LOT of physical issues with my back and neck, since an auto accident 18 years ago. Chiropractic and PT helped, though not as much as I’d like. I’d also tried massage off and on over the past 15 years, and while it always felt good, it never really assisted me with my issues.
I found CWC through Groupon (before realizing how terrible Groupon is to its business owners! Tip generously if you use one!), and have been seeing Holly and Tina now once a month for about 6 months.
From someone who has run the gamut of trying to not just reduce my daily pain, but learn to tolerate it - I was literally emotional upon leaving the last few times, due to not having realized what it’s like to BE RELIEVED of ALL PAIN, and get a tremendous amount of mobility back - I could turn my neck more than I’d been able to in years. These ladies are incredible - and don’t let their size fool you, they are incredibly strong (for those who need more than relaxation).
Their story is even more amazing. Small, locally owned relaxation center, they have a focus on full wellness and subscribe to doing anything it takes, including procuring products that aren’t widely well known, to help anyone’s condition.
I cannot recommend Tina (or Holly) enough, and even if you’ve tried massage for a very long time, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you give them a shot - for relaxation, sports therapy or long term pain, like me. Incredible talents being offered here.”