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Functional Yoga For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

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Yoga Unfettered®

This ergonomics of movement program, developed, taught, and trademarked by Helen Yetman-Bellows, works the whole body without trauma.

It is geared to adults who have experienced a lifetime of wear and tear. The purpose—to encourage you to focus on your body, listen to it, move accordingly, and learn to live more comfortably in it—the yoga comes to you from the inside out. Functional Yoga is to be practiced as you go about your daily activities, strengthening your everyday movements without disruption to your schedule. Spandex and yoga mats not required—come as you are, comfortable business/street attire, flat shoes or barefoot preferred. 

This is individualized yoga to go, all you need is yourself. It is accessible to everyone, whether you have limited mobility, are recovering from injury, or are a competitive athlete. Yoga, don’t leave home without it! Be it at the office, around town, traveling, sitting at a red light, or waiting for an appointment—adding yoga to your day is as simple as breathing. Taking yoga off the mat is as easy as that!

Unfettered: unchained, to set free.

Yoga Unfettered®: living yoga off the mat.

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Mondays 12pm - 1pm


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Helen Yetman-Bellows

Helen received her yoga certification in 1995, but her in-depth study of body mechanics began well before that when she attended the Potomac Horse Center (PHC). Founded in the 1950’s, PHC was a world renowned premiere international equestrian center, the first world-class equestrian center for training professional horsemen in the United States.

After earning her Horsemaster’s in 1978, Helen stayed on at PHC as an instructor, further honing her skills, focusing on body language, and isolating micro body movements to influence the horse’s carriage. Her lesson programs were based on the PHC model and later enhanced by her yoga training.

Using her knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and breath work---their effects on state of mind, energy level, balance---Helen teaches that form follows function in her Yoga Unfettered® program. She developed this program to meet student’s individual needs, and promote a deeper, seamless yoga practice off the mat, out of the studio, and into everyday life for a more comfortable way of living and moving.

She has taught and set up programs for corporations, universities, the military, adult education, schools, hospitals, and those with special needs, including athletes, seniors, recovering addicts, veterans, and the blind. She takes pride in the programs she has developed for equestrian centers, festivals, conventions, seminars, and other large groups as well as her own intimate outdoor yoga programs. Helen also offers specialized clinics nationwide. Clinics are hosted by a specific group, for a single session or as a series, and customized to focus on the motions most often used in their particular field of interest.

Helen is the author of Yoga Unfettered®, Functional Yoga For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, the Yoga to Go flash cards, that are the companion to the book, and Minute Meditations©. She has written monthly yoga columns for several newspapers on short transitional yoga postures for relieving stress throughout the day. She is currently working on producing a DVD of her program. Her books will be available in class.

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