In a Svaroopa® yoga class, you experience a supportive and therapeutic setting for your yoga practice. You will receive individualized assistance with your pose alignments and hands-on adjustments which create a deeper release of tension. Each class is designed to release tensions in the deep muscles along the spine. With enough release, your body will realign from the inside outward. This release extends through the other levels of your being, offering you the direct experience of deep relaxation, healing and transformation.


Is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. ... During the long holds of restorative yoga, however, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. 


Yoga students often find that Yoga Therapy and/or Embodyment® therapy helps to “fast-forward” the changes that they experience in Yoga classes. Some students enjoy having a session once or twice a month. In special cases, such as recovering from injury or physical problems, students may benefit by having more frequent sessions for the first one or two weeks.

  • Yoga Therapy

A powerful method of facilitating changes in your body and managing pain. It is a hands-on technique that brings a greater sense of awareness and consciousness to your body. As a result of this increased awareness, you will feel more enlivened and areas of your body that were previously tight or “numb” will begin to open up. Some people say they experience a change in their body “equivalent to 3 or 4 Svaroopa® yoga classes.” This work is appropriate for those who are in so much pain that they are hesitant to try a regular yoga class. During a Yoga Therapy session, you move into fully supported poses and the practitioner does specific, targeted adjustments to help facilitate a release of tension. 

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  • Embodyment

    Hands-on healing modality that facilitates the body's own power to heal and revitalize from within itself. It is an adjunct to Svaroopa® Yoga and was developed by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, formerly Rama Berch, the Founder of Svaroopa® Yoga and Master Yoga Foundation. While lying in a comfortably supportive position (Shavasana), the therapist gently encourages the release of deeply held tensions, facilitating a core opening that allows energy to flow unimpeded throughout the body's systems. Clients of this therapy report feeling deeply relaxed, more centered and aware after only one session, effects similar to deep massage or energy healing therapies. 

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