Svaroopa® FAQ

We request that students pre-register for classes at least 6 hours in advance, rather than just showing up the way you may do at a gym. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our registration and attendance policies:


1. Why pre-registration?

  • Just like other teachers, Yoga teachers plan their classes ahead of time, which allows for a better experience for students. We plan our classes according to who we expect. A class with…
  • newcomers calls for foundational poses
  • students with health issues alerts teachers to avoid certain poses
  • regular students allows teachers to continue with ongoing themes
  • If we know the class will be big, we can set up the blankets beforehand closer together to accommodate more students. It is very disruptive and difficult to do this once students have arrived and are lying down in Shavasana.
  • Students can check online to see if a class is full.  If so, pre-registering will add them to a waiting list and they will be notified by email if a space opens up.

2. Do I have to pre-register? What if I’m not sure I can come until just before the class?

No, you do not have to pre-register. You can just show up for class. However, this might inconvenience you…

  • We may cancel a class if there are less than 4 students pre-registered 6 hours in advance. This means that if you decide at the last minute to show up, and the class didn’t have enough students registered, it may have been cancelled. You, along with possibly 3 other students who may have pre-registered would all miss that class. 
  • If the class is full, priority will be given to those who have pre-registered.
  • If you are not sure that you can attend a class, the best thing to do is to wait until you are sure, and then sign up. You may run a risk that the class will be cancelled, or the class may be full; however, as long as the class is on and not full, you will not be turned away if you show up without registering.

3. Will I be charged if I pre-register for a class and don’t show up? What if I’ve signed up for a class and have an emergency and can’t make it? What if I get sick suddenly or if I have a cold and am coughing and sneezing?

If you cancel at least 6 hours ahead of time (early cancel) you will not be charged. However, if you cancel less than 6 hours ahead of time, you will be charged for the class, unless you have an emergency OR unless you are sick with something that might be contagious to others. If either of these situations arises, email or call 978.692.2100 prior to the start of the class. She can credit your account for emergency situations. This includes if you suddenly get sick… we do not want you coming to class if you might be contagious or if you are coughing and sneezing a lot!

4. What if there is a snow day? What if I’m registered, and the class gets cancelled?

    In general, if Westford schools are cancelled due to weather, the morning classes are cancelled. We may have evening classes depending on the forecast, and all cancellations will be posted on the website. In addition, if you have registered for the class, you will get an email saying that the class is cancelled, and your account will be credited. In the case of class cancellations, the card expiration dates can be extended if necessary.

5. Expiration date: My schedule is very unpredictable. If I’m paying up front, will I lose the classes that I’ve paid for? 

We give you 2 months to use up 5 classes, 4 months to use up 10 classes, and 6 months to use 20 classes. The class packages are time-limited because you are getting a large discount per class on the assumption that you will be coming regularly. If you are unable to use up the classes by the expiration date, please contact Holly prior to the expiration date, and she will give you some options at that time. You may be able to use those class credits toward the infra-red sauna, or towards private yoga therapy sessions. However, once the package has expired, it cannot be used and no refunds will be given. 

6. How do I pay for classes? 

You may pay by cash or check at the studio, or you can pay for classes online with a credit card. You can pay by the class, or buy a package for 5, 10, or 20 classes. 

7. What are your different levels of classes?

We have several levels of ongoing classes:

     Beginner/Continuing:  Open to all levels of students. Beginning students are encouraged to come to one of these classes.

Continuing and Deeper: These classes are open to all students who have had some Svaroopa Yoga experience. Beginning students are generally discouraged from coming to a continuing level class, although we may allow it if that is the only time that a student can attend. If you are interested in attending one of the “continuing” classes, please contact Becky. Deeper classes are for students who have been taking Svaroopa Yoga classes for at least 6 months, and have a daily home practice. Instructor approval is required to join the deeper class. 

Gentle: For those students who may have health issues and not feel ready to do a regular class. Regular students are welcome to join the gentle class as long as there is room.