Helen’s Willow Wind
Native American
Flute Lessons

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Do you wish could play an instrument? Now you can! The Native American flute is an intuitive instrument, no music theory or reading sheet music required. If you can cover the holes and breathe you can play. 

In the first class you will play your own music direct from your heart. Playing the flute is a soothing, self-expressive, and meditative pursuit. It reduces stress while increasing dexterity and lung capacity.

Instruments and lessons provided by Helen’s Willow Wind, inspiration provided by you.


Students will be playing on High Spirits Flutes, the largest maker of Native American style flutes in the world. These professional level instruments, handmade in the USA from sustainable wood, are played on stages around the world and used for recordings. They not only sound beautiful they are works of art.  


Small group classes ensure individualized attention with the maximum exposure to playing styles.

Mondays 1:30pm to 2:30pm 4 Week Sessions


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