Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979, is an 8-week course that teaches the scientifically-backed implementation of mindfulness and mindful living. It helps you to better manage stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and so much more, by being present, aware and open to the present moment. MBSR will give you the tools you need to bring the practice of mindfulness into your life.

MBSR can be of benefit to adults experiencing anxiety or stress from the combination of work and caring for others and those who are living with severe chronic pain or a serious diagnosis. Health care professionals will find experience of MBSR useful both for addressing their own stress and as a supplemental, alternative approach for their patients that does not involve medication and instead relies on cultivating the patient’s own internal resources. MBSR is highly respected within the medical community. Offered as a complement to traditional medical and psychological treatments, not as a replacement, it has proven to be effective in helping to treat many conditions.

Health Coaching

Helping you achieve your wellness goals, in an easy, and sustainable manner is our passion. First, we begin by reviewing your health history and goals with a simple, free phone call or visit.

Next you may choose from a private or group program, where we uncover the habits, beliefs, and systems that are no longer serving you well. Together, we will develop a new healthy relationship with food and your body.


Working together, my goal is to help you create a better quality relationship with your partner. My practice is compassionate, non-judgmental, goal-oriented, and client-centered. I see couples of all types and lengths of relationships. I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT), a scientifically-proven, effective couple therapy. More info on EFT.

By understanding your old stuck patterns and learning new ways to reach to each other, we can repair old hurts and create a new and deeper emotional connection and secure attachment!

Cheryl Sutherland LICSW


Is simply connecting with loved ones who have passed over into the Spirit world. These loved one connect to me through a series of pictures, feelings and symbols. These very specific images and feelings are unique to each client and offer evidential proof that I am indeed bringing through your loved one.

Animal communication is just what it sounds like - talking with your animals! How I communicate with animals is similar to how I connect to people who have passed over. Since energy is the same in all beings, I am able to connect energetically to your pets and hear what they want to say to you. When I connect with your animals I tap into their energy and receive images, words or full messages. Each animal is different. And you would be surprised what they tell me sometimes! Spirit doesn’t die when an animal’s body stops working, so I can still connect with your pets who have crossed over to the other side.

Finding lost Pets. Sadly, sometimes pets get lost. Or run away. This is something I can help with. By energetically tuning into the lost animal, I can help find them. I work one on one with the client, giving them clues provided by the animal to help pinpoint his/her location.

Mari and Deb both do mediumship and animal communication. Mari does find lost pets.

Tai Chi/Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong are ancient practices that have led to improved health, fitness, wellbeing and longevity for countless individuals up to the present time. They both cultivate the Qi, also spelt Chi -- the life energy that flows through the body’s energy pathways -- by combining movement, breathing and meditation. Tai Chi and Qigong have in common the same basic property (Qi), the same fundamental principle (relaxation), and the same fundamental method (slowness). Tai Chi’s other principles, methods and applications are distinct to Qigong regarding how the form is practiced, how the energy is manipulated and how the body posture is conditioned.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is also a healing art that originated in China more than two thousand years ago. It is a series of continuous, circular, slow, relaxed and smooth flowing movements that has numerous health benefits for people of all ages and health conditions. Tai Chi is not just a form of physical exercise; tremendous Qi is generated and circulates throughout the body when one adheres to certain theories of movement, specific posture alignment and -- in one or two of the forms -- particular breathing. The callisthenics of Tai Chi attracts many more practitioners than Qigong, as does its feeling of fluidity of movement.


Qigong literally means “life energy work” -- a way of working with the life energy. It is a healing art, a way of cultivating physical, spiritual, emotional and psychical health, that originated in China about seven thousand years ago, widely practised by the shaman priests during that primitive era. Qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was first detailed in an ancient Chinese medical text book -- the Huang Di Nei Jing or Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon - that has been regarded as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for well over two millennia and is still in use today. Subsequent Chinese medical books published in antiquity also reveal detailed theory and the clinical practice of Qigong procedures for treating disease and enhancing health. The art of Qigong can be practised as physical movement that incorporates breathing exercises, or as stationary meditation.