Far-Infrared Sauna


What is Far-Infrared?

Low 100˚-200˚F.  More of the vital far infrared light energy is emitted at a lower surface temperature.  This leads to pain relief, better circulation, and more effective detoxification.

Wein's Law of Displacement

Solocarbon® heaters do not use wires to conduct far infrared heat.  We apply the perfect thickness of ultra conductive carbon to a fiberglass panel activated by positive and negative copper strips on either side.  Then the panel of fiberglass and carbon are sealed by lamination.  This means Solocarbon® heaters have NO UNHEALTHY GASES released during heating.  

Increases Core Body Temperature

Increasing the core body temperature is critical in achieving superior detoxification results.  Solocarbon® heaters were tested and shown to consistently increase core temperature by a 3˚F rise in core temperature and increase heart rate over a 60 minute session (30 minute heat up and 30 minute cool down cycle).

Far Infrared Weight Loss ~ Enhance your workout

Continure to burn calories after your workout while you relax.  A 30 minute session in a far infrared Sunlighten™ sauna will enhance your ability to meet your weight loss goals.



All sessions are by appointment only.  Book online to see openings.


Cancellation Policy:

This time has been set aside just for you, if you cannot make your appointment, please call as soon as possible. A 24~hour cancellation notice is required.  If session has been cancelled 2 times within 24~hours a credit card will be needed to hold next session.