Hot House & Chi Machine

Hot House

The benefits of the Hot House’s Far Infrared Rays are Reduced inflammation, fibromyalgia, help with Crohn’s, irritable bowl syndrome, arthritis, relieves stress and much more. Steam from boiling water can heat the skin but it doesn’t heat the internal organs. Yet, sunlight heats us in a profound way because it contains penetrating far-infrared rays, as well as the full range of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Chi Machine

The Chi machine, placed on your ankles will increase circulation, strengthen your core and balance your Charkas. Chi blends the ancient arts with modern technology for a unique therapeutic massage experience. The Chi Machine maximizes the movement of the body which helps to provide prompt temporary relief through increased oxygen levels. Fatigue or excess physical exertion can generally lead to minor muscular aches, pain and tension. The Chi Machine supports temporary relief from these conditions without creating undue stress to bodily structures or additional muscular overexertion, while improving your circulation and organ function. Because the massage with The Chi Machine is performed while you are reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine, a sense of extreme comfort and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.The combined use of both the Chi machine and the Hot House will burn 150 calories in 15 minutes!

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5 min demo session $10
$60 per session
$540 2x week for 6 weeks
$730 3x week for 8 weeks


All sessions are by appointment only. 


Cancellation Policy:

This time has been set aside just for you, if you cannot make your appointment, please call as soon as possible. A 24~hour cancellation notice is required.  If session has been cancelled 2 times within 24~hours a credit card will be needed to hold next session.