Deb Brosnan

Changing Their World by Expanding Ours


Animal Energy Healing

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I have worked with many different types of energy modalities throughout my life. the more than I learned about these modalities, the more I realized they all shared one thing. LOVE!

I have been blessed through my life to learn from wonderful teachers of Energy Healing over the last 20 years. Especially the animals who are so willing to let go of what does not serve them or their bodies.

In the past I had benefited from having energy work done on me when I had been injured. This lead me beyond conventional medical opinions. That is where my path began. 

Over time my animal energy healings became a blend of multiple energy trainings including guidance/requests I receive from the animals. My energy work is unique to my own way of connecting and working with each participant. As is the case with each energy worker you will encounter. 

I have worked with several animals in time sensitive but non-emergency situations where they have become injured but their injuries were not at a level of the vet deeming it necessary to travel to the barn, or the pet be brought to the vet office. Or energy healing was being added in addition to veterinary care and supervision to enhance healing.

The benefit of energy healing work is that I do not need to be physically present to work with the animal. 

Healing sessions take between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Repeated sessions may be needed based on the injury or illness as well as each individual animal.

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Wholistic Riding

Wholistic Riding is working with the horse and rider at a level beyond traditional instruction or training.  It is more than animal communication with your horse. It is expanded, combined work with both horse and human during in hand and mounted work. You ride and work together without separation. The rider and horse understand and communicate in 'real time'.

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What Wholistic Riding IS:

An invitation to help move you past drama and behaviors that limit you and your horse from having a happy, complete life. Issues that you and your horse may have had for long periods of time can fade away with simple steps and consistent, committed work on your part.You will learn solid effective ways of communicating and creating (or re-creating in some cases) the relationships, rules, boundaries and flexibility that come with being a balanced, happy team.   

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What Wholistic Riding is NOT:

This is not 'fluff' instruction or 'woo' other worldly imaging. You will have proven tools to create change. It is not a magic pill you must work to create the change.It is not impossible! If you want this relationship with your horse, it’s completely doable.

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How does this help you?

You are able to speak to your horse as you do humans. You are able to understand what they are trying to share with you. Imagine the possibilities you could create!

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Wholistic Animals

Wholistic refers to something as whole, complete, not fractured or fragmented. Is your dog, cat or horse communicating with you beyond body language and vocalizations? Are they asking you to allow yourself to be everything you are?

 Deb has been an animal communicator all her life. As a child, she not only loved being with and around animals but there was a space with them that was unique...

Acceptance without judgement.

Deb has taken her animal communication abilities to another level as she translates for the animals.  She explains how both pet and person are feeling. Helping each to change on a deeper level. To receive each other in a new way. To collaborate.